# About The Google Adsense Report

Understanding the Google Adsense Report

When you log into your Google Adsense account , you are automatically taken to the page where you can view all your Adsense activity .

On the Reports tab , you’ll see “Today’s Earnings.” This is the approximate amount you have earned today from your Google Adsense account . Earnings are not final at this point and could be adjusted for invalid clicks or fees .

It’s interesting to look at the breakdown . As you can see , Adsense for Content , which refers to the targeted ads appearing on the pages in which you have written content , is listed first . Here you will see the number of page impressions listed in the first column . While a page impression is generally the same as a page view , that is not always the case . For a more detailed definition of a page impression , see Google Adsense support , click on Your Adsense Account and then click on Your Adsense Report .

Next , you’ll notice the number of clicks . This refers to the number of times “your ads” were clicked on .

Page click through rate or CTR is in the next column shown as a percentage . It represents the percentage of the time an ad was clicked on after viewing your page .

Page eCPM which stands for effective cost per thousand impressions . It is calculated by dividing total earnings by the number of page impressions in thousands .

Don’t be intimidated by these statistics . The bottom line , your earnings , is what really counts . As you become more familiar with Google Adsense , statistics will become like second nature . First , just start . . . . . . .


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