# How Much Money You Can Make and URL Channels Explanation

How Much Money Can I Make With Google Adsense ?

How much do you want to make ? How hard do you want to work ? And how much time do you want to spend working the Google Adsense program ?

These are the questions you must ask yourself in order to answer that question .

Look at it this way : how many business opportunities come your way where the only requirement is hard work and the time it takes to work hard ? Not many . Almost any business venture requires some kind of start-up money .

If your total earnings is showing 0.00 after a week , not to worry . Keep reading and learning and working . If however , you’re still showing 0.00 after a month , it may be time to implement some of those optimization tips you’ll find on the Google Adsense Support Site . Play around with the placement of the ads on your site . Consider changing the colors . Look again at the content . Is it interesting ?

As with any other business , with the Google Adsense program , the sky is the limit . Work hard . Work smart . Have fun . After all , you’re the boss . . . . . . .



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