# How to Choose a Web Designer

There are two important things to remember when looking for a web designer :

First , it is important to go with a FREELANCER if you are looking for a small and simple site . You can probably get one done for $30 to $50 . There are many freelancing companies on the web that you can tap into to find the designer for you .

Second , it is important that you ask to see a few sample sites that the web designer has done and that you check any ratings that may be available for the designer . This may keep you from getting wrapped up in a project with someone who will not finish or cannot do the type of job that they claim they can do .

If you cannot put together your own website to host your articles on and you don’t want to pay the extra $7 to $12 dollars per month that it may cost to get a host that offers a What You See Is What You Get website builder , then your only other option is to hire a web designer . The good thing is that , if you are looking for a very basic 2-5 page site and you hire a “FREELANCER” rather than going with a web design company , then it will be relatively easy on your wallet . . . . . . .


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