# Keeping Your Account From Being Disabled and Useful Books About the Program

How Can I Make Sure That My Account Will Not Be Disabled ?

Google Adsense Program Policies make no allowances for deceptive practices . The most important thing a publisher can do to ensure the integrity of their site is to be aware of what is happening on your site .

Google has made it abundantly clear not to click on your own ads or ask others to do so . But what about practices a publisher may not purposely carry out ?

Make sure that ads associated with Google never appear in an unrequested pop-up . Don’t be talked into purchasing traffic for your site that may contain adware .

Respect the Google trademarks. Don’t use any Google trademarks or logos without their consent .

Don’t change the Adsense code . If you’re a pro at html , don’t assume you can add your own code . If you’re new to html , simply copy and paste the offered code . Don’t mess with it .

Provide a good environment for advertisers and a positive user experience . Don’t try to be deceptive in any way . Google’s rules may sound strict , but believe me , protecting the integrity of the Google Adsense Program is in your best interest as well as Google’s . After all , a positive , honest Google Adsense program means more money for all of us . . . . . . .



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