# Rules Surrounding Invalid Clicks and Being in Control

What Is So Important About An Invalid Click and How Will It Affect Me ?

More than anything , an invalid click is a big no-no and it will get your account terminated faster than anything else . Having said that , an invalid click is when a publisher clicks on their own ads to add to their earning potential . It’s also when a publisher asks others to click on their ads just to raise their revenue . It also raises the advertiser’s costs and Google won’t tolerate this . Google Adsense has state of the art technology and they know what’s going on .

Invalid clicks also happen when someone uses robots to click on ads or automated software . It is any deceptive practice used to click on ads .

Invalid clicks are also unnecessary as there are plenty of money-making opportunities with valid clicks . With an optimized website , useful content , and attractive ads , there’s no reason for anybody to even entertain the idea of using invalid clicks . . . . . . .


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