# Understanding Image Ads

What are image ads?

Image ads are graphical ads . Unlike traditional banner ads , image ads are also targeted to the appropriate audience , just like text ads . A publisher that has a combination of image ads and text ads has a greater revenue generating potential .

Image ads are only for Adsense for Content pages and not available for Adsense for Search results pages .

There are 5 major formats of image ads .
The Leaderboard , which is about twice the size of a banner ad ,
The banner image ad ,
The skyscraper,
The wide skyscraper and
The medium rectangle .

Google’s technology determines on a page by page basis whether image ads , text ads , or a combination of both will make you more money and then delivers the appropriate format .

You can choose to run only image ads , but Google recommends selecting both , thereby giving them a better chance to target the right advertising for your page , generating more revenue for you .

Bottom line : taking these two methods together will give you the best chance at making the most revenue . . . . . . .



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