# Banner Advertisements

When you are trying to make money off of the articles on your website , it is important to effectively promote your site so that you will attract customers and they can see just what a good , quality site you have . There are several ways so market and promote your website , one of them being though banner advertisements .

What Banner Ads Can Do For You

Banner ads can help bring visitors from others sites to your own . Although monthly fees can be expensive to advertise on high traffic sites , in the end it may be cheaper and/or a faster way to start seeing significant revenue from your website efforts , rather than waiting for SEO techniques to bring your own site to the top of search engine results . Aside from paying to advertise on someone else’s site , there are also free banner exchanges to choose from . We will look at the pros and cons of each banner advertising method below .

Free Banner Exchanges

Free banner exchanges are when you and other sites exchange each others banners . Their banner will go on your site and your banner will go one their site . Although this option is free , there are two main problems with it . First , if you want your banner on a significant number of sites , it will mean cluttering your own site up with these banners . This could even shot you in the foot if you run an affiliate website because , instead of clicking on your affiliate links , your visitors may be clicking on your banner exchange links . Secondly , you have to be really careful about the types of sites that you exchange banners with . Some sites like to gather a lot of banners so that they can be a directory or portal site and not have to have any real content . These “banner farms” or “link farms” will do nothing positive for your site and , in the meantime , you will be bringing them potential traffic .

Paid Banner Ads

As we saw above , paid banner ads cost money , but they will eventually pay off if you choose the right ones . You need to ensure that the site produces the amount of traffic that they say and that they have your ad placed in a way that invites visitors to click without being too pushy . You also want to choose a site that does not house too many other banners on the same page as yours or that there are no competitor links on the same page .

All in all , banner ads can end up being profitable for you site if you go about it the right way . If you do decide to check out banner advertisement as a marketing avenue , be sure to keep the above tips in mind . . . . . . .


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