# Symbian Phone : Phone Memory Low version 2

All symbian s60v2 users like Nokia N90 , N70 , 7610 , 6600 etc phone users face a problem called phone memory low . But if you check to phone memory , you cant see any files or low size files but its warrning that no enough memory . Its happen for few junk files and mostly for Sidatabase.db .

Sidatabase.db : Sidatabase.db is a junk files . When you use application , phonebook , message etc , its save some unneeded files or text on it but after complete the application or others its dont earse them . As a result it growing bigger then big and your phone have no enough memory .

How To Remove : You need to have install “X-PLORE” . If you dont have download now and install that .
Now open “X-PLORE” and go to c: > System > Data > srsplugin . In this folder you will see that junk file call Sidatabase.db . Delete it .

N:B: After restart your phone , again Sidatabase.db file will create by symbian operating system and will again make memory low soon . So delete it every week if you dont want to see memory low . . . . . . .



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2 responses to “# Symbian Phone : Phone Memory Low version 2”

  1. Rony Satiar says :

    ami s60v5 set use kori.amar ta tei phone memory low dekhai.amar jonno ki kicu korar ace?

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