# Cyber War : Bangladesh vs India – Turning World Cyber War

Many news site and media have reported an ongoing cyber war between some hackers based in Bangladesh and India and both hacker groups are known as cyber army . All postings also confirm that the hackers from both the countries have mostly targeted popular and government websites .

The incidence of hacking has increased mainly due to brutal killings by the Indian Border Security Force (BSF) at the Bangladesh-India border (find video on youtube) .

Bangladesh Black Hat Hackers (BBHH) , Bangladesh Cyber Army (BCA) and Expire Cyber Army (3xp1r3) have fighting with Indian Cyber Army and ashell from Indishel . In last two days , Bangladeshi hackers hacked hundreds of government websites and more then 20,000 other websites of their rival countries and Indian hackers hacked 50 government websites and upto 3,000 other websites . In Facebook , the groups and pages of those hackers groups have also mentioned the link of the sites they have had hacked .

Experts meanwhile said that fragile security and faulty designs made all websites an easy prey for hackers . Several government websites have repeatedly been hacked in the last few years by hackers . Though the sites were restored after a short while but experts of those site cant make web security strengthen .
Anti Hacker Organization talked to a number of website programmers and they said government sites were being hacked because of their maintenance problem and vulnerable design .

Recently Anonymous , Indonesian hackerz , China hackers , Pakistani hackers , Saudi Arabian hackers , Syrian hackers joined with Bangladesh Black Hat Hackers and hackers of Israel , Russian hackers joined with Indishel . Now its turning out to be the WORLD CYBER WAR .

Hacking method :
* SQL injection

Visit Anti Hacker Organization (A.H.O)


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