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9th TO 25th MARCH 2012

The Internet Scavenger Hunt is a two week challenge comprising over one hundred cryptic tasks, uniting individual all over the world to solve challenges, scaveng items and cause mayhem! Many of the task will require you to take photos, videos an submit text based answers. As such it’ important to keep a smart phone with you at all times to capture your attempts. Each task a scavenger team completes earns the team more points. And of course, the team with the most points at the end of the competitio wins!

1st PRIZE : $25,000

2nd PRIZE : $10,000

3rd PRIZE : $5,000

Plus ten $1,000 daily prizes to be won!

* Go on –

* Sign up and join on our team (moinsbd)

* Complete as many tasks as possible

* Team with the most points wins! So our target is 1st prize means most points .

Note : Our team name is moinsbd

***** Posted by captain of MOINSBD *****

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