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Facebook apps and your security . . . . .

Some things you didn’t know about Facebook apps . . . . .
For your security . . . . .

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Facebook e onekei vibinno apps use kore thaken . Jemon top friend , quiz , question etc . Sobai Egulo fun korar jonno use kore thake . But er pichone ki ase , Keu ki janen ?
Ei apps gulo ki kore ?
Er sathe apnar nirapotto kototuku jorito ?
Asun jene nei . . .

1) Ei jatio apps gulo vibinno jorip er kaj dekhay jemon top friend – comment o like er upor vitti kore ekti image banay jate apnar koyekjon top friend er image thake . Ei kaj ti korar sathe sathe ei apps ti apnar o apnar friend er profile theke name , email , contact no , date of birth , pochonddo somuho etc collect kore and nije rakhe ba onno company k dey . Ei data gulo use kore facebook , email , credit/debit card etc hack korar cesttay use kore . Tachara email e spam o pathay .

2) Abar kisu kisu apps apnar friend list e thaka friend k apnar name e quiz ba question kore . Besirvag question erokom ,
* what is your best friend ?
* where are you born ?
* what is your birth place ? Etc . R e sokol question o ans apni email ba facebook e account korar somoy security ans hisebe diye thaken . So amake ki ar kisu bolte hobe je egulo keno collect kore ?

3) Abar kisu kisu apps apnake ba apnar friend list e thaka kauke ososthikor obosthay fele disse ja apni chan ni . . .

*** Amar kase asa news onujai samne aro ekta apps asche ja apnar , apnar friend list , page ba group etc theke sokol data collect korbe . R eta khub powerfully kaj korbe . . . . .

Esokol info bibechona korun and vabun apni ki korben . . . . .

This information by . . . . .


9th TO 25th MARCH 2012

The Internet Scavenger Hunt is a two week challenge comprising over one hundred cryptic tasks, uniting individual all over the world to solve challenges, scaveng items and cause mayhem! Many of the task will require you to take photos, videos an submit text based answers. As such it’ important to keep a smart phone with you at all times to capture your attempts. Each task a scavenger team completes earns the team more points. And of course, the team with the most points at the end of the competitio wins!

1st PRIZE : $25,000

2nd PRIZE : $10,000

3rd PRIZE : $5,000

Plus ten $1,000 daily prizes to be won!

* Go on –

* Sign up and join on our team (moinsbd)

* Complete as many tasks as possible

* Team with the most points wins! So our target is 1st prize means most points .

Note : Our team name is moinsbd

***** Posted by captain of MOINSBD *****

Facebook Phishing Alert : Facebook Introducing New Themes

There come new link – Facebook Introducing New Themes!
Dont click on that link because its a maleware site that inject a virus on your pc and hack your facebook account . Also it get all information like others login data , credit card information , your personal information etc . . .
Be safe . . . . .
Share with your friends . . . . .

Facebook er name e virus or spam

Ei matro news pelam facebook er name e email e kisu email jacche jar subject thake :

Facebook administration has sent you a message

Ekhane ekta link o thake . Vuleo click korben na karon seta spam + virus . . . . .

Bistarito jante avira er blog e dekhun . Niche link deowa holo . . . . .„facebook-administration“/en/ . . .

Bistarito jante avira er blog e dekhun . Niche link deowa holo . . . . .„facebook-administration“/en/

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